Tash and Suzie are both musicians and awaiting the start of rehearsals at their local concert hall.

They don’t like boredom…

They meet one another – by accident – in one restroom and discover they, each, have a boyfriend waiting upstairs for them.

Boyfriends with very similar kinks, in fact, so they swap places and see if they can convince them, with persuasive acting ability that, in fact, they’re fucking their own girlfriends.

And that’s just the beginning of a delightfully entertaining day for the girls.


e-Book ISBN: 9789188459985
e-Book Page Count: 176 pages
Paperback ISBN: 9789198690705
Paperback Page Count: 152 pages
Publication Date: 11 April 2021 (e-Book), 28 February 2020 (Paperback)

Series Title: Pretty in Blue
Number in Series: Book One

BIC Subjects: xx

Retail Price (in US Dollars): e-Book $4.99, Paperback $11.99 (note pricing may vary based on the retailer)


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