When they suggested that the world was at risk of falling apart, there were those who took measures to safeguard humankind.

But some of them had other reasons for these actions, and now my world is facing the consequences of what was started five hundred years ago. They work in secret, still abiding to a plan conceived by people who’ve long since perished. But they want to begin again…

A sister that Steven Burgard could only guess that exists, with a life and existence tied closely to his mother’s departure. She has answers about her, about our father’s motives, about me. Her existence is a warning to the world…


e-Book ISBN: 9789188459725
e-Book Page Count: xx pages
Paperback ISBN: 9789188459718
Paperback Page Count: xx pages (6” x 9”)
Publication Date: Delayed

Series Title: Utopus
Number in Series: Book Two

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