It may be a familiar story, but the setting is modern…

What if your lot is to be at the receiving end of endless meaningless tasks and bullying, and then you discover your step-mother hides a terrible secret?

Every day is the same for Ella. She’s told by her boss, who also is her step-mother, to work late, repair the junk or else. Every day, Ella obeys her step-mother…

However, one evening her routine is disrupted by the cleaner, Max, who subsequently helps her to discover some secrets that her step-mother hides from Ella.

A few rollercoaster nights later, and she’s head over heels in love, plotting revenge, and discovering that sometimes fairy tales happen…


e-Book ISBN: 9789188459787
e-Book Page Count: 59 pages
Publication Date: 09 November 2019

BIC Subjects: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology | FICTION / Friendship | FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

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